The Life Of My Machine

C. E. Spencer
The Life Of My Machine by C. E. Spencer
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The Earth is dying! A little girl comes into the lives of Stephan and Zuanna. A little one that is by design, the hope of humanity. Divine intervention, through connectivity, reveals the answers that the Institute has been searching. Lies give way to spirituality that reveal undying love.

AUTHOR: C. E. Spencer

C. E. Spencer

A drummer since the age of 10 and later a lyricist and singer. Several of my ventures have led me to be part of many bands. Each one, a joy to be involved with. Now, I stay in the genre that has always been my escape. Fiction and Illusion! Creativity in digital art and video is my love. Composing ambient electronic music and writing stories of imagination, that morph with my actual dreams, is my passion.


  • Approx. Length: 47000 words
  • Publish Date: 2013
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